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Trend following Return – August -2015

 Trend following Return – August -2015

Pl find enclosed Trend following return. An update for our reader & its not an recommendation.


Trend Following – Focus on Absolute Yield

What is trendfollowing?

“Trend Following” or “Be on The Right Side” is a trading system based on the principal of price analysis. Trend Following tries to take advantage of long, medium or short-term moves of the market. Smart trader takes advantage of these market trends by observing the current direction & using this to decide whether to buy or sell.

The objective of Trend Following is to produce absolute returns irrespective of bullish or bearish market condition. The success of trading system works on following principles –

  • Strict Money & Risk Management
  • Riding the Trend & “No Prediction”
  • Emotionless Mechanical Execution
  • Discipline & Consistency to follow the System
  • Trend Following – India


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    Disclaimer – It’s not a buying or selling recommendation & Further, nothing here constitutes investment advice for you to act on


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