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CALL MIS 2018-19

Pl find stockwise details of Profit & loss of our calls..

Please download the following excel  ( call tracker Sourav & purely internal use) –


What is the meaning of 50000 & 25000 call?

1) 50000 call & 25000 call means our target profit is 50000 and 25000 per f&O lot (lot defined as per Exchange) 

2) The rate of recommendation are future rate only
3) But profitability is calculated on F&O lot size

4) If security is in BAN period, we don’t give a call

5) One may choose either 50000 or 25000 calls or both, but in that case, required higher margin

6) 50000 Calls are slightly longer duration & may vary from 1 day to 2 months. 

7) 25000 Calls are basically trading calls & may not open for the next 4 days.

8) Max call in one category is 4 calls

9) The minimum margin requirement for one category should be 10 lacs plus / (per category) & higher is better

10) Risk reward is generally 1:3 times.

11) This is pure advisory from our side & not chargeable.Click here for reuse options!
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