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CALL MIS – 25000 & 50000

CALL MIS – 25000 & 50000 Pl find stockwise details of Profit & loss of our calls.. Please download following excel  ( call tracker Sourav & purely internal use) CALL TRACKER 2019 SouravDownload What is the meaning of 50000 & 25000 call?1) 50000 call & 25000 call means our target profit is 50000 and 25000 per f&O lot (lot defined as per Exchange) 2) The rate of recommendation are future rate only3) But profitability is calculated on F&O lot size4) If security is in BAN period, we don’t give aRead More

Trend Following system return

I have been doing trendfollowing in stocks for sometime & following are the result. Key point 1) We trade in diversified Sectoral basket of 6 stocks future( all bluechip & market leader). Presently, trading in Bajfin, RIL, hul , Britania, Maruti & Bata. Stocks gets replaced when it breaks longer term trend ( like , planning to replace Maruti with other) 2) Taken around 2-2.25 times leverage of capital & drawdown is around 25-30% 3) System generated 40% plus return in this running financial year 4) Basic principal followed 1) Cut inRead More

Nifty Medium term View

Nifty Medium term View On September 2018, we had come out with a report that, early sign of topping out pattern seen in Nifty when nifty was around 11300. One can read the report at –   Nifty Medium term View Nifty made a low of 10004 ( earlier low as 9950 on march 2018 ) took support & presently made high of 10770. A resistance near 10700-800 near its 200 Day DMA.   Our View When we published the report earlier in Sep 2018, had mentioned that earlierRead More

CALL MIS (25000 & 50000 CALL)

CALL MIS (25000 & 50000 CALL) Please download following excel  ( call tracker Sourav & purely internal use) The excel file is Link is here CALL TRACKER 2018 Sourav




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