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90% Trader loose money & only 10% win the game on a sustainable basis over the period of time.

Following are few rules for successful trading

No -1  – Define your trade & write it ( Follow your written trading plan)


  • Define your trade, what is a max lot you wish to buy/sell. Maybe 3 , 4, 6 ,10 lots of open position. It’s purely based on your risk
  • Only put 1% to -1.5 % of Capital at risk per trade. Let’s say if you have 10 lacs of the trading amount, Just put 10000-15000 loss per trade.
  • Your risk-reward should be more than 2 or above. It means if you lose 10000, you should target 20000 plus per trade profit
  • So if you lose 6 trade out of 10, so you lose 600000 on losing trade & gain in 4 trade is 80000 (20*4). Even with 40% success ratio, you are making money


No -2 Cut your loss Early. If you can not cut your loss, then don’t trade

No -3  – Ride the winner. If you get into profitable trade, ride it & trail your Stoploss

No – 4 Don’t average losing trade, it is advisable to add winning position (professional does it)

No 5- Don’t try to predict the market. Follow your risk mgmt ( SL)

No 6- Remember, the profitable trading is boarding. Means, there may not be any trade on daily basis or weekly basis.

No -7 – Do not follow others trade. His risk & reward may be different.

No -8 Trading too large.

No -9 Always remember, research call does not guarantee success but risk rewards does

No -10 – Take a break.


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