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      CALL MIS (25000 & 50000 CALL)   Please download following excel  ( call tracker Sourav& purely internal use)   CALL TRACKER 2018 Sourav


BTST STRATEGY BTST  ( Buy today & sell tomorrow)  as the name suggest, you can buy today & sell tomorrow & gain the difference. But many clients use this simple tool as the strategy to ride in the bull market wave. Let us understand few points Buy in last hour & sell the same stock in the morning half an hour. No Intraday Exposure Intraday trader sells his position between 2.30 to 3.30, BTST trader buys it to take the advantage of the same. BTST trader try to capture price differenceRead More


10 SUCCESSFUL TRADING RULES 10 MUST TRADING  RULE 90% Trader loose money & only 10% win the game on a sustainable basis over the period of time. Following are few rules for successful trading No -1  – Define your trade & write it ( Follow your written trading plan)   Define your trade, what is a max lot you wish to buy/sell. Maybe 3 , 4, 6 ,10 lots of open position. It’s purely based on your risk Only put 1% to -1.5 % of Capital at risk per trade.Read More


CORRECTION IN MARKET – HOW MUCH We feel, that present ongoing correction in the market is healthy one & nifty could correct towards 9700-9800 level.. But a sustained breach of 9700 could take nifty towards 8300-8400..  

NIFTY @ 11000 – STRATEGY FOR 2018

NIFTY @ 11000 – STRATEGY FOR 2018 Use opportunity to accumulate quality stocks IN Last 4 years, we had published , two reports where we had predicted 9000 & 11000 for long term target…. After achieving these two targets, what Investor Should do? Before that, lets go through our old report first. Why Nifty heading towards 11000 – A Technical perspective INDIA FIRST MILESTONE ACHIEVED, 10460 NEXT Understanding Indian Equity Market – at Sweet Spot STRATEGY FOR 2018. Making money in 2018 may not be easy due to 1) RiseRead More


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